Convening workshops, seminars and discussions

We have many years’ experience of convening high-profile policy and multi-stakeholder events such as roundtables, seminars, conferences and online discussions. Previous examples include:

  • A high-level multi-stakeholder roundtable in New York (including representatives from UN agencies, governments, INGOs, NGOs, feminist networks and universities) to identify gender priorities and policy recommendations for the Sustainable Development Goals. This resulted in a policy brief that informed the SDG process.
  • The first multi-stakeholder workshop on gender and food security in Myanmar, held in Yangon in February 2015 and hosted by Oxfam and the Livelihoods and Food Security Fund.
  • A three-day online discussion on ‘Decolonising development’ for the University of Leeds Department of Politics and INTRAC.
Gender Equality Innovations

GEI is a gender and social inclusion consultancy established in 2020 by its Director, Dr Alyson Brody. GEI provides services to a wide range of development organisations globally. At the heart of GEI is a commitment to supporting positive social change through high quality, innovative approaches and outputs. We guarantee high levels of expertise, professionalism and excellence.